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Whether it’s a power suit or a sparkly dress, Gal Gadot is known for rocking red on the red carpet. When I sit down to interview her in a plush Midtown hotel room, she confirms it’s indeed one of her favorite colors. But today, she’s in blue — Smartwater blue to be exact. As the newest brand ambassador, Gadot is in good company (Jennifer Aniston previously held the title for more than a decade) and has plenty of wellness wisdom to share as part of her new gig.

パワースーツであれ、きらびやかなドレスであれ、女優のガル・ガドット はレッドカーペットと赤い衣装がよく似合います。筆者が今回ニューヨーク・ミッドタウンの豪華なホテルでインタビューした際も、赤はお気に入りの色だと話していました。


Quick reminder: Gadot is a badass who even won an award for breaking gender stereotypes. The actress, who served in the Israeli military, entered the spotlight through the Fast & Furious franchise (she performed her own stunt work), and it’s her role as the DC Comics superhero Wonder Woman that has kept her there.


Fans will see her reprise the role in Wonder Woman 1984, out this summer, which required an intense training regimen of strengthening work in the gym, plus hiking and swimming (she likes to switch things up workout-wise to ‘avoid boredom’).


But naturally, all of that action requires a ton of recovery, too, Gadot says. “The recovery piece is very important. I see a lot of physiotherapists — of course, we foam roll — but I need someone to go in and dig deep into the muscles. after working out, and drink a lot of water — I find that super important. And, of course, sleep.”


When it comes to diet though, Gadot avoids anything trendy. “I think we tend to make everything much more challenging and difficult than what it should be. But for me it’s easy, I’m from Israel so I follow a Mediterranean diet — it’s super simple for anyone to do,” she says. “I try to make a huge percent of the plate veggies, then lean protein, and then a small amount of quality, good carbs. I eat a lot of fish and huge salads with olive oil and lemon.”



As for her biggest resolution for 2020? Limiting screen time. “I really feel better when I’m doing a [digital] detox, going to the beach, listening to music, or just having lovely quality time with my family,” says Gadot, who’s a mom to two daughters with her husband, real estate developer Yaron Varsano. “The most basic, simple things are the ones that keep me most happy and grounded.”

ガドットの2020年最大の決意は何でしょうか? それは、スマホの画面を見る時間を減らすこと。「(デジタル)デトックスをしているとき、ビーチにいるとき、音楽を聴いているとき、そして家族と充実した時間を過ごしているときに、私は気分が良くなるんです」


Actually following through on that is easier said than done though as a working mom who travels a ton. “I make rules to try to limit my screen usage. I don’t touch the phone as soon as I wake up or when we’re having dinner — phones are not at the table — but I can’t tell you that I’m great about it during the day,” she says.


Proof that even superheros have trouble avoiding mindless Instagram scrolling, too.


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